turbocharger systems

Turbocharger Systems

Turbochargers to suit 1VD-FTV & 1HZ Toyota Land Cruiser engines in 70 Series bodies

1VD-FTV Engine

The professionally developed and engineered Safari ARMAX Turbocharger for Toyota’s 1VD-FTV diesel engine delivers amazing performance. A large number of 70 Series Land Cruisers suffer from decreased acceleration due to added weight from common accessories and/or towing. The Safari ARMAX Turbocharger is designed to restore lost performance by allowing a larger air capacity through the turbocharger, in turn, offering an increase in engine power.

safari armax turbocharger to suit 1VD-FTV engine

  • Increased capacity over OE Turbocharger
  • Wider compressor map for improved performance
  • Billet Compressor Wheel
  • Surge Slotted Compressor Housing
  • Internal Ball bearing with 360° thrust assembly
  • Direct bolt on
  • Retains ARMAX Engine and drivetrain warranty*

    *Must be used in conjunction with the Safari ARMAX ECU to retain Engine and Drivetrain warranty. Terms and Conditions apply.

    Safari ARMAX Power Graph Safari ARMAX Power Graph

    Works in conjunction with ARMAX ECU feature DirectTorque.

    The DirectTorque feature is designed specifically for the 70 Series V8 Landcruiser where the ARMAX Engine Control Unit (ECU) takes direct control of the engines Turbocharger, allowing the engines torque curve to be altered without restriction. The ARMAX ECU optimises the engines boost delivery to ensure strong delivery of Low RPM power and torque. Additional benefits are reduced turbo lag, improved throttle response and reduced fuel consumption. Suits both DPF equipped and Non-DPF models.

  • Direct Variable Vane Control (DVVC)
  • Increased Low RPM Power and Torque
  • Reduced Turbo Lag
  • Increased Throttle Response
  • Reduced Fuel Consumption
  • Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Compatible
  • Retains ARMAX Engine and Drivetrain Warranty*

  • 1HZ Engine - Suits International Spec Wide-Front Vehicles only

    The professionally developed and engineered Safari Turbo system for Toyota’s 1HZ diesel engine delivers amazing performance.
    With thousands of Safari 1HZ Turbo systems out there on roads and tracks all over the planet, Safari is the only manufacturer of turbocharger systems with a deep understanding for durable and powerful turbo enhancement for the 1HZ diesel engine. 
    Best of all, there is a great deal of additional turbocharger capacity in reserve to deliver even higher horsepower levels when combined with the optional Safari High Output Intercooler/Exhaust System and the optional Safari Oil Cooler System.

    safari armax turbocharger to suit 1HZ engine

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