From the Amazon to the Andes – from the Kalahari to the Kimberly – from the Sahara to the Simpson, four wheel drivers the world over have put their trust in genuine Safari Products.

Safari products are a combination of durable components and thoroughly engineered systems designed to enhance the performance, durability and drivability of modern diesel 4x4 vehicles.

Power Without Compromise
Safari is proud to say we are 100% Australian owned and operated. We utilise the latest available technologies in design, testing and engineering to ensure our products will give you the best performance and durability possible, while still looking great on your vehicle.

Our history in the market place has proven the durability and quality of our products. The high standard and attention to detail is unmatched anywhere in the world.

The Safari range of products represents the pinnacle of innovative automotive engineering, where each product release is the result of a comprehensive research and development program designed to produce a totally engineered and thoroughly tested package.