Fuel Pre-Filter

  • 98% particle separation (based on 30 micron particles)
  • 100% water separation efficiency (based on 300 micron droplet size)
  • Designed for OE and/or high output applications
  • Prevents premature engine component failure
  • Easily serviceable
  • In-cab water detection alert
  • Maintains Safari ARMAX ECU engine and drivetrain warranty

Safari ARMAX Fuel Pre-Filter Installed Image

Safari ARMAX Fuel Pre-Filter Kit Shot

Oil Separator

  • Crank case oil vapour separation
  • Reduces intake carbon build up
  • Allows clean air delivery to engine
  • Maintains performance and fuel consumption
  • Reduces engine oil consumption
  • Reduces intercooler outlet temperatures
  • Serviceable filter
  • Fully sealed and internally bypassed

Safari ARMAX Oil Separator Installed Image

Safari ARMAX Oil Separator Kit Shot

Safari 4x4 Engineering - ARMAX™ 4x4 Filtration for 4WD Vehicles