To SUIT THE 70 Series

1VD-FTV Engine

The stock Toyota clutch is very robust and well matched to the torque output of a 1VD-FTV engine and intended use of the vehicle up to standard GVM and power levels.

In performance and/or increased GVM applications, the engine demands substantial improvement in clutch performance.

Safari have engineered a replacement clutch rated to 1100nm of torque which provides a 250% increase in torque capacity whilst maintaining stock driveability characteristics.


  • 1100Nm (250%) Increased Torque Capacity
  • Designed for increased power, torque and high GVM applications
  • Long service life maintains torque capacity within 10% over the wear rate of the clutch disc
  • Standard vehicle pedal feel with improved diaphragm lift control Safari ARMAX slave cylinder
  • OE drive characteristics
  • 12 months 20,000km product warranty
  • Retains ARMAX Engine and drivetrain warranty*
*Must be used in conjunction with the Safari ARMAX ECU to retain Safari ARMAX Engine and Drivetrain warranty. Terms and Conditions apply.


Torque Capacity


Performance Clutch
“Engineered & designed
to deliver reliable
perfomance and

Enhanced Performance

Must be used in conjunction with the Safari ARMAX ECU to retain SAFARI ARMAX Engine & Drivetrain warranty. Terms & Conditions apply.
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