Intercooled Turbo Systems

Intercooled Turbo System to suit the 1HZ Toyota Land Cruiser engine

ONLY SUITS international spec wide-front 70-Series Landcruiser with 1HZ Engine

The diesel engine efficiency of Toyota’s 1HZ engine is legendary, but as most diesel owners know only too well, the downside is somewhat leisurely performance, especially when towing heavy loads or in an armoured vehicle application.

Not anymore!

180 HORSEPOWER Safari TURBO / INTERCOOLER - Power and Torque

intercooled turbo power torque

Whilst Safari delivers the base Safari Turbocharger System at durable 160 horsepower, the highly advanced Safari Intercooled Turbosystem raises the bar to 180 horsepower by engineering additional components that address the specific thermal and gas flow requirements of a high power Toyota 1HZ engine - to deliver even greater engine performance and high engine durability.

Huge Intercooling

In order to reduce the thermal load on the turbocharged 1HZ engine, efficient intercooling is employed to chill the compressed charge air before it enters into the engine intake manifold.


Safari Intercooler Systems are designed to operate as a vital part of a complete system that encompasses not only turbocharger and engine characteristics,  but also vehicle engine cooling, vehicle frontal airflow, environmental and operational demands. For example, Safari offers front mount intercooler solutions to suit 70 and 100 Series Land Cruisers. With the large frontal area radiators in 100 Series Land Cruisers, the Safari Front Mount Intercooler solution delivers the best possible performance over a huge range of hot and cold environmental operating conditions.

The 70 Series Land Cruiser is a special case where under certain high ambient temperature operating conditions, a cleverly designed top mount intercooler system may be more appropriate over a front mount intercooler that is installed in front of the engine coolant radiator. In this case, the Safari Top Mount Intercooler design solves possible engine overheating issues. Better still is the intercooler scoop/hood panel interface that encourages air to flow out from the engine bay in order to promote even greater air flow through the stock engine coolant radiator.

To give the 2007 onwards 70 Series operator the greatest flexibility, Safari offers both front mount and top mount intercooler systems.

intercooled turbo system under bonnet

There is no doubt that the Safari Intercooler System delivers the ultimate intercooling performance and engine durability under extreme high temperature and high load conditions typically experienced in armoured vehicles applications.

ambient temperature

The Safari professionally developed and engineered Safari Intercooled Turbosystem to suit Toyota’s 1HZ diesel delivers amazing performance, through utilisation of cool inlet manifold temperatures as shown above.

With thousands of Safari Turbo Systems out there on roads and tracks all over the planet, Safari is the only manufacturer of turbocharger systems with the deep understanding of this engine and the engineering expertise to offer the most durable and powerful turbo enhancement for the 1HZ diesel engine.

Intercooled Turbo Systems to suit:

70 Series 2007 Onwards
P/N: SCHZJ70W Top Mount Intercooler

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